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Me and Serena by Spencer Wohlrab

From Spencer's first feature on Ben Trovato

It’s been a while since we showcased Spencer Wohlrab‘s raw and honest work on Ben Trovato, and we have since been longing to work with him on a project dedicated to the followers of Ben Trovato. Not only because we love to showcase wonderful fashion editorials, but also because we are huge fans of Spencer’s approach to photography, art and life itself. His personal work never stops impressing and exciting us, and with an almost an autobiographical piece he aims to bridge the gap between his personal and commercial work: “- Yes, and draw the viewer in to feel like they were part of the story or situation. Re-creating awkward moments in a relationship is something I think everyone can relate to and hopefully it will trigger memories,” Spencer explains, adding: “- Fashion editorials have gotten boring, and these days most stories have little differentiation from one another. I wanted to create something that would stand out.

As he mainly draws inspiration from the people and scenarios that surrounds him, he chose to re-create old photos and events to give sense of authenticity to this manifested relationship between Me and Serena. “I have an archive of photos from relationships ranging from cell phone pics, polaroids, webcam pics, and selfies containing all those intimate moments which I sifted through. I guess in a way, alot of my inspiration came from my book ‘Everything I Have Been Wanting to Say But Couldn’t Find Words.‘

When choosing a girl for this story it was about more than picking a pretty girl to shoot: “- There were more elements that went into it than just posing, and I wanted to give a very surreal, girl next door, feel and Serena was the perfect choice for this character. I have known Serena for years and when I shoot her she is able to channel feelings and stories from her past to give me the look and feel I am going for and to essentially lie to the viewer.

“Plus, she is absolutely crazy and I love that about her.”

Third member of the team was fashion stylist Alison Isbell, who says that when determining wardrobe selections for Serena, she hoped to reflect a dreamy atmosphere where feelings of both nostalgia and heartbreak could coexist. “- Specific looks were then created to correspond with Spencer’s vision for the story: relaxed, intimate, and most importantly, genuine,” she says.

Photography by Spencer Wohlrab
Styling by Alison Isbell
Model - Serena Hendrix @ Q Models