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Blonde Faced Harridan by Christoph Klutsch

Photography was never a big passion of his, but somehow Christoph Klutsch, a Germany based author, copywriter and art director fell into it a few years ago. “- No dad or grandpa gave me my first camera when I was a child, and no intractable wish to be a fashion photographer,” he says, elaborating: “To be honest, photography in general was long time not an influencing and inspiring part of my life. But I’m an author, a copywriter, and art director…let’s say a creative person in general and therefore it just needed the right time and the right place for me to get infected with photography.

Better late than never, and the moment he actually decided to channel his creativity through fashion photography the results were breathtaking. His debut story for Ben Trovato is a great proof of that.

Blonde Faced Harridan is a sensual and voyeuristic tale of a strong arrogant and sexy blonde harridan. “- Before we shot the first frame, we just had a brief idea of what the outcome might be: We’ confirmed Christien (model), we had a few pictures from the location and we had some kind of an idea for corresponding styling - that was way enough to get all others on board and say ‘ok, let’s shoot it’!

I really love shooting on-location since you have to show an interest for the the whole situation,” Christoph says, adding: “I mean you can’t plan and steer every single detail like in a studio enviroment. Thats why I really prefer this kind of shooting. I always try to keep my technical set-up as simple as possible in order to get down with the situation and not getting lost with lame technical issues.

And the location, a wonderful Berlin town house in Neuköln, proved to be one of the main sources of inspiration for the story: “- We also lived there during our stay and produced a catalogue for kids-jeans-wear in the days before. Therefore I got enough time to get inspired by this unique place. I felt so original and “true” to all of us and I guess you can see this in the pictures as well.

The main character of the story was played by the striking Christien, who Christoph said it was a true pleasure to work with: “- Working with her is simply great. She has a great attitude and a very unique look. I like this much more than the typical beauty-faces.”

Stylist Anna-Marina Fuhr and Sabine Bierschenk completed Christoph’s team, and their past working experience together proved to by valuable: “- Yes, absolutely! I worked with Sabine before on another story and she is an absolute pro and on the very edge with her visagistics. Anna-Marina, who was responsible for the styling (and often always for the Hair & Make-up part) is my preferred “set-up” when we have to do a whole shooting-trip for a couple of days. She really holds a big part of my work…I like here sense for the detail, her style and the way how she treats the models. I guess a good production is always a combination of many different people and experts on their own field. And I really prefer to work with persons I know - especially when it comes up to free-projects.”

Photography by Christoph Klutsch
Styling by Anna-Marina Fuhr
Hair & Makeup by Sabine Bierschenk
Model - Christien