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California Barbie by Fernando Gómez

I used a lot of American summer clichés to help me achieve this particular feeling”, says photographer Fernando Gómez, “films like Lolita from Stanley Kubrick and the whole Californian lifestyle were the main inspiration for this story”.

California Barbie follows an American teen who wanders around the beach on a perfect summer day. Taking a look at Fernando’s other work shot on location, one will notice that he always finds the right backdrop for his stories. Clara, who is a new face at F Unique, had no problem playing the part of a youthful Cali girl with her sun-kissed glow and dreamy blue eyes.

The vibrant colors used in the shoot are fun and playful, almost cartoon-like. The side ponytail, pretty bows, and multi-colored nails scream a very retro vibe. Stylist Anna HS played this up with funky prints, high waistlines, and girly sunglasses. “For this shoot I was inspired by the sun, warmth, innocence and sensuality…I wanted to portray a typical Lolita meets California kind of girl, with a childlike aura. I used light as a basic element, where the colors would contrast with the harmony of the environment”.

Photography by Fernando Gómez 
Modelling by Clara @ F Unique
Styling by Anna HS
Posture Corrector by
Hair & Makeup by Florencia Doural
Photo Assistant Rosa Matilla