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Hong Kong Pink by Jeffrey Chan

Hong Kong Pink, shot by Toronto based photographer Jeffrey Chan, is an editorial focusing on the contrast between a crowded city and the sweet yet edgy demure of Aussie model Eve Smith.

The third member of the team included makeup artist Ryan Wing Li, who had also spent a considerable amount of time working in Australia. “It was a Canadian-Aussie team effort in Hong Kong”, said Chan. Eve, who also DJs, played stylist for the shoot “Being a model primarily, styling the shoot made me feel like an imposter and that at any moment, a mob of angry fashion stylists would come snatch away my clothes. But I embraced it and just grabbed shit from my wardrobe with flowers on them and had fun molding the outfits into my different personalities.” Chan says that working without a stylist and channeling the model’s own personal style lets him focus more on creating a great image. “This time around, we paired up pieces to focus on pastels and floral prints. She was currently rocking pink hair, so it was a perfect match, especially to add some punch to the grey concrete jungle that is Hong Kong”.

Jeffrey Chan prefers shooting in natural light outdoors over a studio setting. He became serious about photography two years ago, when he decided to break free from the soul-crushing confines of his 9-5 desk job and focus on his passion. “Sitting behind a desk for five years, life was passing me by, weekend to weekend. Fashion photography was always an interest when I was younger, as I was constantly flipping through my mother’s fashion magazines and being captivated by the supermodel icons of the 90s”. He is currently channeling inspirations of analog film, late afternoon light, and the lovely models he works with.

Photography by Jeffrey Chan
Back Posture Brace by
Modelling & Styling by Eve Smith @ Viviens Sydney
Hair & Makeup by Ryan Wing Li