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In Bloom by Jonathan Wolpert

At the age of sixteen, Brazilian fashion photographer Jonathan Wolpert was tagged as one of the six most promising fashion prodigies in the world by Refinery 29, alongside talents such as Tavi Gevinson and Kristin Prim. Today, about two years later, we’re happy to publish Jonathan’s first story for Ben Trovato, In Bloom, shot in beautiful Recife on coast of Brazil, featuring the up and coming Elisa Leão with EP Models.

Me and Elisa decided to do something colorful, playful and with a touch of dark,” he explains, adding: “We both love ‘the dark side’ of fashion photography but it was a beautiful bright day so we decided to do the dark of the bright side, also trying to include nature in it, inspired in Karin Dreijer’s work with Fever Ray.

Another source of inspiration was the song In Bloom by Nirvana (hence the title of the story) and Jonathan says the music inspired the styling especially: “Yes, and me and Elisa did the styling of the shoot together, and we used a blue t-shirt that was made by my boyfriend for me, so we put a lot of personal feelings into the shoot, also the purple jacket that she uses was a present to her from her boyfriend.

Being only the two on set seemed to give the two an invaluable connection and drive rather than being a limitation, and Jonathan can’t stop praising Elisa: “She’s a really awesome and fun person, I never saw this girl sad. She has a pretty strong personality and definitely is one of the sweetest girls I know.

Photography by Jonathan Wolpert
Model - Elisa Leão @ EP Models