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Rose by Maxyme Delisle

Maxyme Delisle’s road to fashion photography might be somewhat different than what you might expect. The Montreal based creative started taking pictures when he got tired of stealing from image banks when developing websites: “- I was like: ‘I’m sure this isn’t too hard,’ and then bought my first camera. Haven’t really stop since. At first I was really into the mechanics of photography, and then met some people who had great influence of my way of seeing photography.

Raphaëlle @ Folio

Now Maxyme is creating stunning work, and is really climbing the fashion photography latter. One big step on the latter is a great story shot exclusively for Ben Trovato. Rose features the breath taking Raphaëlle from Folio wearing custom head pieces by Lacy Barry, with make up done by Maïna Militza. Maxyme tells us how it came to life: “- With Rose, it all started with this idea of shooting a pink haired girl. Then we contacted props stylist Lacy Barry to make us some custom headpieces and mask to go with the shoot.

The magic happened when we were all on set.

He finds inspiration in people, may they be strangers, friends or family: “- I love to stare at people everywhere- boys, girls, and try to find something unique in everyone. I think I’m also a pretty nostalgic/romantic person and that this doesn’t go unnoticed in my work. Lately I’ve been working a lot with make up artist Maïna Militza and she also brings a lot to our work. For this story for example, she’s the one who wanted to work with a pink haired girl…

Photography - Maxyme Delisle
Styling & Props - Lacy Barry
Make up - Maïna Militza @ Agence Satellite
Model - Raphaëlle @ Folio
Layout - Taryn Yat