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Summer Dreams by Kim Akrigg

Ann @ John Casablancas

Since Kim Akrigg picked up a camera in 2007, she hasn’t been able to stop. On her website it sais she aims to find the unusual in the usual, searches out the beautiful in the everyday, and wants to make you look at things in a different way. Her inspiration is an amalgamation of everything she’s seen, felt, heard, and experienced: “- It all just seems to come together in my head (when I’m lucky) and I see exactly what I want to shoot,” she says when I ask her, before she continues on to describe Summer Dreams, her first Ben Trovato exclusive story: “- I wanted to create the feel of a warm summer’s day on the beach, summer memories are generally happy, you know? I wanted to capture that in photos.

We do know, and ‘boy does Ann from John Casablancas fit the role perfectly. She’s summerly styled by Sarah Danniels, with make up done by Carolyn Secord, and hair by Kara R. Gilbertson.

Kim has earlier shot for magazines such as Carbon, Ouch, Reverie, and XO, and is dreaming of making the move from Toronto to New York City one day: “- I’d love to move to New York City, it feels more like home than anywhere else I’ve been.

That’s your dream for the future? “- That and travel a lot, and take more photos.” -Thank goodness.

Photography - Kim Akrigg
Styling - Sarah Danniels
Make Up - Carolyn Secord
Hair - Kara R.Gilbertson
Model - Ann @ John Casablancas