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Levitating by Anna Dabrowska

From Anna's first Ben Trovato story, Angel Wings.

Ever since Anna Dabrowska‘s first Ben Trovato story last March, we’ve been longing to see more from the Polish artist. Now the Paris based photographer is back, with a fashion editorial titled Levitating. “- The idea of Levitating came with summer and the constant light dancing in clouds,” Anna says about the beautiful set of images featuring the magnificent Masha from Next in all her divinity.

“I wanted to shoot a child of the skies, in all elegance and deceitful fragility, breezing through the rooftops.”

Styled by Joy Sinanian with fashion by Elie Saab Haute Couture, Christian Louboutin, and Christian Dior among others. “-For our Levitating story, we needed to have a very pure and airy styling. So the color palette was that of the clouds: beiges, light grays, immaculate whites,” Joy says, and adds: “- But we used different volumes and textures to paint the changing mood of the sky and the emotions of every woman. I added a touch of vibrant peach as a surprising element that gives our couture alien the armor of a blinding sun.

Together with makeup artist Marie-Charlotte Sondaz and hairstylist Fabrice Sarasola they have created a wonderful story we are proud to present exclusively here on Ben Trovato.

Photography - Anna Dabrowska
Model - Masha @ Next
Styling - Joy Sinanian
Makeup - Marie-Charlotte Sondaz (mc.sondaz [at]
Hair - Fabrice Sarasola