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Libertine by Harper Smith

Being huge fans of Los Angeles based photographer Harper Smith, Ben Trovato contacted her this summer to see whether she would be interested in shooting a new story for us. After all, it had been more than 6 months since we featured her last time, and we’d seen the quality work she keeps putting out.

The shoot was scheduled, and an amazing team was put together. A few weeks later the fashion editorial Libertine featuring Amanda from Photogenics, was born.

Harper, how would you describe Libertine in your own words? “It’s a little about liberation. A lot about freedom from sexual identity. And mostly about the carefree life of a tomboy. I guess you could say its a little self reflection as well.

Early in the process of planning this shoot you said one of your main inspirations for it was Adam Ant. Why Adam Ant? “Honestly I know very little about him. I love his androgynous look and carefree mentality. We were inspired by his pseudo-punk style….and beautiful face.

You’ve worked quite a bit with Amanda, and when we plan shoots in LA her name pops up more often than not. What is it with Amanda that appeals to us so much? “Sometimes its hard to explain how or why. I just connect with her. She is beautiful, but in a unique way. I typically shoot girls like that. There is something in her deep down that takes her moves and actions during a shoot to the next level. She really is limitless in her ability to portray the characters we are inspired by in for shoots.

Libertine was styled by Coryn Madley, and she did an amazing job. You seem to have a great working relationship? “I work very closely with Madley. She is a dear friend and a conceptual genius. Sometimes we will call each other up with the same random concept and dork out for hours pulling references.

And last but not least, since last time you appeared on Ben Trovato, what has changed for you? “I have had an emotional year in my personal life…one filled with a lot of new challenges and obstacles…but it has done the world for my creativity.”

The new driving force for my shoots is emotion. In the case of Libertine… it was freedom.

A behind the scenes from the preparations and shoot is coming on Ben Trovato next week, along with a more in-depth article about Ben Trovato stories in general.

Photography - Harper Smith
Styling - Coryn Madley
Hair & Makeup - Tsipporah Liebman
Model - Amanda @ Photogenics
Prop Stylist - Jane Connelly
Video - Paul Mocey-Hanton