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Claudine Ivari by Ninelle Efremova

Shot at Claudine Ivari‘s gorgeous new showroom in Paris, this story is a result of two inspired artists meeting and creating magic together. It was during Ninelle Efremova‘s stay in Paris a few weeks ago that she shot Claudine Ivari’s Ready to Wear A/W 11-12 collection. “She captures so well what Paris is to me. Her sensibility and direction is timeless and classic. It is such a pleasure to walk into her gorgeous showroom in Paris and see pieces that could have been worn by actresses of the past or the royalties of today. Such elegance is hard to find,” Ninelle says.

Model Alison Arboux wearing a Claudine Ivari dress.

After three very successful collections on the themes of Precious Jewels, Massai and RoyalNavy, designer Claudine Ivari brings the impressionist movement to the present day.

“I give way to my imagination and let myself be guided towards dreams, freedom, towards movement inspired by a moment in life, an historical sketch that leads me towards a shape, a presence…”

Claudine will present her new collection at next week’s Paris Fashion Week, a collection that literally glows with creativity.

Paris is a city that inspire just about anyone, but for artists it could be a gateway to a whole new experience of creativity. Ninelle explains her experience of the city: “As I once read ‘Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.’ I cannot agree more.

Once I started photographing in Paris, working elsewhere was not the same. There’s a deep longing to be there. The constant inspirational stimuli of the city is intoxicating. The professionalism, courtesy & helpful nature of those I’ve worked with in Paris was such a positive experience, it motivated me to create more than anywhere else I’ve been. To me Paris is not just a city, it is a recollection of yourself in a time of your life placed in a beautiful setting. It’s a romance of the soul.

The story features the alluring Alison Arboux with Silent Models Paris, who had makeup by Susana Santos, and hair by Henry Olivier.

Photography - Ninelle Efremova
Wardrobe - Claudine Ivari, Paris
Model - Alison Arboux @ Silent Models Paris
Makeup - Susana Santos
Hair - Henry Olivier
Location - Claudine Ivari Showroom Paris
Special Thanks to Claudine Ivari, Carine Zachowski, & Frédéric D’Oria-Nicolas