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Clean My Soul by Kelly Steffey

Alabama- based photographer, Kelly Steffey proves to be a true talent with an eye for detail and a love for nature. She says, “Nothing inspires me more than the beauty and the complexity of the outdoors. Natures provides me with an endless supply of beautiful and vastly diverse landscapes so I find myself continually inspired by my surroundings.”

Come to think of it, nature seems to be right where her passion for photography began, “In the summer of 2010 I found an old discarded dress and paired it with an intriguing subject in a woodland setting. I picked up the camera, captured what I saw and I instantly fell in love…with photography, with styling, with conceptualizing. Something had clicked inside of me and I couldn’t get enough.”

She also finds an inspiration and love in faces, work by others and old clothing. “I like to breathe new life into old discarded garments so almost all of what you see in my personal work is recycled, vintage, or thrift.”

Kelly’s growth as a photographer has also derived from struggles she’s faced in addition to what she loves to shoot, “ You could say I struggle with time. It always feels like a race with the sun, but I like to keep my focus away from my struggles and keep it more on the positive.”

And on a positive note, Kelly claims to just let her work flow so that “the ideas change, but the basic formula stays the same. People plus outdoors.” She wishes to make the ordinary by turning it into something dreamy. Although she has a clear idea of what she wants to emulate in her photographs, she claims that she’s not exactly sure how she wants viewers to respond, “… I just hope they enjoy my work!”

And indeed they do, especially us here at Ben Trovato and as a first-timer on the blog Kelly is thrilled to be featured and shares with us,

“I feel like my biggest accomplishments are yet to come, but getting to be featured on Ben Trovato is pretty high up there!”

With Kelly’s entrancing and inspirational work, we here at Ben Trovato can honestly say that the feelings are mutual.

Clean My Soul is a a sensual and emotional tale, and takes place where Kelly feels inspired the most. The fashion editorial features the beautiful Leah Furman, styled by Kelly herself with a collection of vintage pieces.