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Indigo by Antonella Arismendi

Almost three years ago we discovered the incredibly talented Antonella Arismendi, and decided to showcase her wonderful work along with a short interview. Since then, Antonella has shot three breath-taking stories for us, and today we are very proud to present yet another amazing story by Antonella Arismendi for Ben Trovato.

Her work has always been especially inspired by spirituality and astrology, and the latter is what inspired her fourth story for Ben Trovato: Indigo.

I am so fascinated by astrology that it’s a bit hard to avoid the influence it has on my artwork,” she confirms, adding: “- The message in Indigo is simple: we are always looking for answers. There are other realities we can’t see, we are just a reflex from the space on earth, like the Kybalion says: as above so below.

She reveals that the connection between her and model Julia Andersson Hardcastle was what accumulated the idea for the story. “When I met Julia for first time doing a model test we had an strong spiritual connection, we couldn’t stop talking about astrology and esoteric stuff. We’ve been good friends since, and I really wanted to show that mystical connection. I have to say I was very confident an astrologic topic would look magical if she was my muse.

And she was absolutely right. The story is captivating and mystical, same goes for Julia’s performance. “She’s unique, working with her is something I really enjoy,” Antonella adds.

“It was so much fun, like if we were playing.”

Makeup was done by Mery Ann Carrano, and all the wardrobe pieces are vintage brought in by all the members of the team.

Photography & Art Direction by Antonella Arismendi
Makeup by Mery Ann Carrano
Compression Stockings by ComproGear
Model - Julia Andersson Hardcastle @ Epbookers