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Stormy Weather by Samuel Nolan

Ever since Ben Trovato saw the light of day, we’ve seen a wave of creativity coming from down under. Photographers and designers alike are blooming, and the world is loving just about every warm wave of new Aussie creativity that hits them. Today we are introducing you to yet another great photographer / brand collaboration from the notorious Byron Bay in Australia. Independent fashion label Arnhem teamed up with fashion photographer Samuel Nolan in order to shoot their latest collection for Ben Trovato.

I have had my eye on Sam Nolan for a while now,” Arnhem Bickley, creator of Arnhem the label, says. “His photography is stunning, the way he incorporates light into his shots is amazing, he works with the sun capturing silhouettes and fading out images. He has a way of finding the smallest details in nature, a little twig or a flower, and gives it a new meaning. For me these little elements bring life to his photography.

The process of planning and producing was a different experience for Bickley, as she is used to plan every bit to detail. Nolan is the opposite: “- I just have to let go and realize I cant plan every single detail to perfection. Because Sam doesn’t work like that that he is spontaneous and shoots in the moment. He will drive or walk around for ages until he finds something that catches his attention, then start shooting. The weirdest thing is it’s as if he captures my exact vision, - he understand Arnhem and what its about.

Nolan confirms that he is a man inspired by the moment: “- The story for me unfolded instantly after I took the first few frames of Teresa in amongst the polka dotted leaves. The lighting was soft from clouds which blended seamlessly with the garments. I instantly felt a dream like wanderlust from the frames as the slight breeze was catching the garments ever so slightly. Arnhems pieces are very suited to the gypsy lifestyle so I wanted to show the lust for constant travel in a very beautiful natural environment.

Model for the shoot was Teresa Oman, who’s been featured in a few shoots for other labels in the area. “- I really wanted her to look different in my lookbook shoot,
I wanted to make her look like she was an Arnhem girl. We played around with different makeup styles and hair trying to get a unique look. I feel like that’s exactly what we got, she looks so suited to the collection and very different to her usual look. I’m loving everything about this story,” Bickley says.

Nolan agrees, and says “[..] Teresa is so incredible to work with, my portfolio is mostly consistent of her face. From day one she was always so natural to work with so this time around it was no exception. I only ever need to take a few frames in one location and almost every frame is usable with her.

The collection she’s wearing is very bohemian slash 70s, while still remaining ever so feminine and sexy. “Signature floral prints, hand screen printed in the most stunning designs and colors,” Bickley says, adding “- The styles are unique and beautiful. There are some amazing collections out there but not many that don’t remind you of something else on the market. This collection is beautiful because it’s original. I am completely in love with every piece.

Makeup was done by Morgaine Emanuel, and Nolan and Bickley couldn’t have been more happy with the team: “- Amazing, we all work together so well, we laugh and have fun doing what we love. Everything is smooth and easy with Sam and Teresa, I can step back and just let the shoot unfold naturally,” Bickley says.

“I had only worked with Teresa before, but the rest of the team were just as easy to work with. I tend to run a really relaxed shoot so everyone slipped into place so well. It was an extremely short shooting time because everyone was so well organized which made the team such a pleasure to work with,” Nolan explains.

Photography by Samuel Nolan
Fashion provided by Arnhem | Facebook
Makeup by Morgaine Emanuel
Model - Teresa Oman