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Deliverance of Envy by Jackson Zhao

He was born in Shanghai, but was raised in Vancouver where he grew up with a father with a passion for photography, something that clearly influenced him: “- I used to hate posing for him when I was a kid because he would take forever to manual focus, but I guess it kind of rubbed off on me. I’ve been photographing as a hobby since high school, but professional for 5 years. I started off with a lucky break in architectural photography shooting ads for luxury hotels and resorts, I loved the clients and the exotics places that it took me to, but my true passion has always been people and fashion. I just love the organic flow and different character every team and outfit brings to the shoot. For me, I don’t just love photography because it’s a way to express my passion, but it also captures a moment in time that will never occur again, literally. I guess cameras are really time machines!

And what Jackson’s time machine captured this time around was a stunning beauty story, exclusive to Ben Trovato. With Lucy Born from Lizbell Agency, styled by Heidi Farnola, with make up done by Andrea Tiller, hair by Christopher Deagle, and nails by manicurist Stephanie Berry, Jackson created Deliverance of Envy.We wanted to create a story vibrant in color that shows a progression from fantasy to reality,” Jackson says, and continues “Many people are so obsessed with creating the perfect image from what society pressures them to do that it literally drives them crazy. I adore trends and respect people’s choices but often times their over the top desire to be something they are not consumes their own beautiful character. Lucy did a great job in expressing that internal turmoil and progression, and the team was amazing in making it all happen!

As with many other fashion photographers, people is great source of inspiration for Jackson: “- People inspire me. No matter what shape or race, everyone is so unique and beautiful in their own way. I am so grateful for the opportunities with my travels in work to meet so many amazing people and cultures from around the world. Each one has their unique story and experience that makes me appreciate life even more and inspire me to capture the amazing beauty this world has to offer. You can only live 1 life, but you can make as many friends as you want to share experiences and stories with! Now go out, make friends, and live!

Here’s Deliverance of Envy by Jackson Zhao, for Ben Trovato:

Photography - Jackson Zhao
Styling - Heidi Farnola
Make up - Andrea Tiller @ NOBASURA using MAC cosmetics
Hair - Christopher Deagle @ Key Hair Studio using Davines
Manicurist - Stephanie Berry @ Queens
Model - Lucy Born @ Lizbell Agency

Chain Vest by Amaly. Cross Rings by Amaly. Shirt by Oak & Fort.

Rings by Amaly. Jacket by Oak & Fort.

Necklace by Amaly. Crystal Necklace by Jex, Dream. Lace Dress by Oak & Fort.

Ring by Justine Brooks, Dream. Necklace by Vintage Glam Remix, Dream. Belt (worn as Necklace) by H&M. Shirt by Oak & Fort.

Shirt by Oak & Fort. Choker Necklace by Paired Hummingbirds, Dream. Necklace by Dotted Loop, Dream.

Short Necklace by Amaly. Long Necklace by Paired hummingbirds, Dream. Vest by Oak & Fort.

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