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Red Fraction by Renata Raksha

It’s been almost six months since we heard from Renata Raksha, back when she made her debut on Ben Trovato. Now she’s back, and this time with a fabulous exclusive story. Red Fraction features sizzling Lauren Taylor and Sarah Gingrish, styled by Ashley Zohar, with make up by Michelle Mungcal, and hair by Kristin Heitkotter.

Renata says she wanted to pursue a style and beauty she desires herself, and while I kept digging for a deeper meaning, joking about how to present the story, Renata cut me off: “- But really, I just wanted to shoot red lipstick. I can never wear it myself, so I get very jealous of all these beautiful people with their amazing lips that are just begging for color. Clearly, all that’s left to do is take photos of them. I wanted very little interference. Maybe the clothing in the story is just an excuse here to bring out the color,” she said, before adding “I also wanted to give the shoot a very classic feminine look, I had the Varga Girl images in mind for a couple of the shots. I have to say the models were great. I’ve worked with Lauren a few times and she is so good! Unfortunately, it was only by the end of the shoot that I found out that she’s also a trained dancer. Sarah was so great as well. She had some amazing movement on the stage.

Renata is based out of Los Angeles, but is originally from Russia. Read more about Renata and her inspirations here.

Here’s Red Fraction by Renata Raksha, for Ben Trovato:

Photography - Renata Raksha
Styling - Ashley Zohar
Make up - Michelle Mungcal
Hair - Kristin Heitkotter
Models - Lauren Taylor @ Ford & Sarah Gingrish @ Photogenics

Check out Renata’s portfolio here.