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Photography by Roger Weiss

Swiss photographer Roger Weiss has been working professionally for about three years, but started experimenting with photography already at an early age. He Graduated with excellence from Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Milan, and since then his work has been published in publications such as Zink, Posh, WWD, Twill and Kult.

His curiosity of the human form lead him to an artistic approach. Today, he continues as artist and fashion photographer, and I must say his work is amazing all over the line, across disciplines. At the moment he’s working on a project called “Project 35″, and this is how he describes it: “In Project 35 it is bodies who make up reality: 35 naked female bodies meticulously photographed in their primeval condition to look as real as possible – and surprisingly so.

This extraordinary resemblance to the truth is achieved by means of a special technique: each image is composed of 47,244 X 32,864 pixels per inch, equivalent to 400 X 278 cm printable area at 300 dpi, while - for reasons of better perception - the works will be executed as 230 x 160 cm True Giclée Fine Art Prints protected under plexiglass and displayed all together.

No distraction is allowed in front of these bodies: in their presence, any feeling of attraction, repugnance, bewilderment, excitement or banal initial curiosity fades away as one gets physically closer to the work, to its outspoken essentiality.”

here’s some of his amazing work:

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