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Photography by Tyler Shields

Los Angeles based photographer Tyler Shields has been working professionally for about seven years now, after he broke into the industry 20 years old. His interest in photography stemmed from his original job of directing music videos. Shield’s success in the field of photography grew as his Myspace page and personal website drew attention from a number of famous actors and musicians. Now his work has been published all over the place, including Rolling Stone and Vogue Italia. “I just try to show people the way i see the world,” he says when I ask him about his inspirations. And after seven years of pushing the boundaries, he’s still creating breath taking and thought provoking work. “At the moment I am working on the book the dirty side of glamor and I’m also having something new coming out May 3rd that will be insane, I am very excited about it!”

Until then, let’s enjoy some of his current work, here’s some of it:

Check out his portfolio here and his blog here. Make sure to watch some of his great video portraits.