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Photography by Jessie Craig

London based fashion photographer Jessie Craig got into the industry in September 2008 after having edged her way in during her four years at art school. Her work has already been published by publications such as Clash, Dirrty Glam, Vanity Teen, Grazia UK, Contributor Magazine, PUSH IT, Magnificent Magazine, and Milk X Monthly. Last fall she was finalist in the Dazed & Confused Blog Awards, and recently she had some work featured on ELLE.com. She’s not stopping there, because this week she started getting the wheels in motion on a collaborative project that will feature some of London’s best new models of the season. She’s also putting together ideas for a cover shoot with an actress next month.

She’s inspired by paintings and films that have an escapist quality, as well as the subjects she shoots, and she describes her style as “comfortable with a dash of whatever my mood is that day.” All I know is that I love her work, and here’s a taste of it:

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