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Uptown Girl by Laura Cammarata

A lot has changed in the year that has passed since Laura Cammarata made her grand debut on Ben Trovato with The Black Bride, shot on the beautiful west coast of Italy. For starters her scenery has changed dramatically, she’s now shooting in what is (arguably) the European capital of creativity and inspiration, London, a move that has meant the world to her own development as an artist and professional.

Feeding off of her new impulses and immediate surroundings, her latest story for Ben Trovato is set to the streets, featuring Billie with Premier Models.

“The story is basically about a ‘posh’ elegant girl walking around London city, showing off her beauty and wellness,” Laura tells us. “Apart from the rather simple concept, this shooting has quite an aesthetically focus: lighting and general harmony were very important to me this time. I’ve mainly used spots where the light was quite diffused to get a nice matte and pale skin tone. I’m getting more and more aware of how much I adore faces. I literally chase the perfect conjunction of elements when shooting a portrait or a close-up and it gets more interesting and challenging when I shoot outside.”

Perhaps just as important as good lighting and a pretty face was her connection with the model, and Laura can’t stop praising Billie: “- Billie doesn’t just look amazing, she really is. Extremely beautiful, talented and funny too. I really find it more interesting when I can work with people I also like to have a good conversation with and she’s one of them. She immediately got what I wanted and played that role for me. What a blast!”

In addition Laura mentions her team members to be her most important asset while shooting. “Yes, my team is really the most important part of every single shoot I do,” she says, adding: “I’ve been working with these amazing people since I moved to London three months ago and I really feel blessed for finding such amazing people.”

“People often think that just the photographer has merit for the beauty or success of a shot, but really my ideas could not become true without their help and creative minds!”

One of those being stylist Elina Galuga, who says her focus when pulling clothes was to play on the dream of being rare, rich and beautiful forever: “- That’s almost every woman’s dream. By using rich colors, unique textures, diverse shapes and chunky jewelry my desire was to bring out the beauty of a woman, her boldness and grace. Choosing Aqua as a main brand for this story was the perfect solution as this season’s collection expresses my vision of the bold and the beautiful.”

Photography by Laura Cammarata
Modelling by Billie @ Premier Models
Styling by Elina Galuga
Makeup & Hair by Michelle Dacillo
Photographer Assistant and Video Editor Stefano Aliffi
Stylist Assistant Aleksandra Rochowczyk