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Mayfield by Luke Jason Carter

A story set to a 1960′s motel, with styling influenced by the 60′s and 70′s American west coast, and a model to die for. That was the recipe for Luke Jason Carter‘s debut story for Ben Trovato entitled Mayfield.

We combined a modern glam look with indie raw that gave us a unique and compelling story,” Luke tells us. The story features the gorgeous Amelia Hughes @ The Agency in Sydney, playing a single female character pictured as having a carefree, playful personality, whilst simultaneously communicating a sense of attitude and power. “I wanted Amelia’s character to play or somewhat tease the camera, therefore I took the approach of following my instincts and going with the flow, by doing so I feel that the story was able develop on its own, it also took on a more natural look.”

Luke worked closely with stylist Mel Norris and MUA Jessica Chapman when developing the concept, exchanging ideas and reference images until agreeing on a style and approach they all fell in love with. “We wanted to stimulate and evoke a response from the viewer, which meant that the location had to be perfect and after many scouting missions we found a location that we were happy with. The main inspirations for this story was youth culture, whilst keeping that raw appeal to it.

“We channeled a Hollywood Boulevard, Jackie’O glamour look and merged it with a raw, indy look.”

But even a well planned and developed concept needs a great model in order to translate it into the story they had all imagined, and luckily they found Amelia. “All I can say is Amelia was amazing,” Luke says, adding: “She has a very contagious personality, I loved how she bought her own attitude and style to the shoot. Battling a 40 degree heatwave we ran around from room to room, taking refuge in the the air-conditioning when ever we had a spare moment, remarkably Amelia was able to push through the intense heat and produce some amazing shots. Amelia conveyed exactly what the team was after and she performed above and beyond all expectations. She is such a beautiful person and I look forward to working with her again.”

Stylist Mel Norris says her approach was heavily inspired by their brain storming prior to the shoot, the accessories she wanted to use, and of course the location. “Whenever I do a creative project I create a story. It helps me build a specific look and feel so that the work has it’s own individual character. For this shoot I imagined a girl on the road, fleeing from her life to find herself and her independence. It was influenced by the 60′s and 70′s west coast America. . . Hollywood boulevard, the regency era and route 66. I wanted to convey a feeling of tough roadside icons with a contemporary, ‘pop’ glamour, something that he creative team and model helped to achieve.”

Photography by Luke Jason Carter
Modelling by Amelia Hughes @ The Agency
Styling by Mel Norris
Makeup by Jessica Chapman
Hair by Erin Fryer