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Trash by Lene Kronow

Lene Kronow started shooting about seven years ago, and has assisted for a lot of great photographers in Denmark since then: “- Now I’m enjoying my life by shooting whatever I feel like together with really talented makeup artists and stylists.” Her goal for 2011 is to get an agent, so that she can make a living of what she does best. And what better way to get attention than to do an exclusive story for Ben Trovato? Trash featuring model Eva Bo from 2pm Denmark was shot a while back, and has been sitting there in her portfolio, but now we’re finally publishing it. Eva was styled by Nanna Rosenfeldt-Olsen, had make up done by Louise Polano, and hair by Simon Shaabann.

Lene says this about Trash: “- I was inspired by the idea of an unpredictable, trashy street girl with lots of attitude,” and when asked to elaborate on her inspirations she continues “In general I’m inspired by so many different things in my life, like country garage rock n’ roll, weird and scary movies, beautiful and ugly people.

Here’s Trash by Lene Kronow, for Ben trovato:

Photography - Lene Kronow
Styling - Nanna Rosenfeldt-Olsen
Make up - Louise Polano
Hair - Simon Shaabann
Model - Eva Bo @ 2pm Denmark

Check out her portfolio here.