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Photography by Maríam Sitchinava

Although widely represented and hyped on social media (eg. Facebook and Etsy), it was not until her recent Urban Outfitters shoot that Maríam Sitchinava caught my eye. Georgia based Maríam is definitely a fresh face in photography but has gained a large loyal fan base in no time, definitely one to watch.

Aside from her work for Urban Outfitters, she has been showcased on different websites and blogs and made a book cover for Tiffany Murray’s novel “Diamond Star Halo”. At this stage she’s occupied with personal projects but she hopes to take photography to a more professional level and maybe one day be featured in Vogue.

Together with Maríam we made an astonishing and brilliant selection of 23 pictures from her portfolio, enjoy.

Photography by Maríam Sitchinava on Ben Trovato (10)

Check out her portfolio here.