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Saturate Me by Maximilian Höll

Munich based photographer Maximilian Höll has just shot a what we believe to be a classic exclusive for Ben Trovato called Saturate Me, featuring model Ann-Kathrin from CreamModels, styled by Pamela Schneider, who also did the make up. Maximilian says this about the story: “- I wanted to shoot a story in black and white and in color. So we decided to do both in one story. We wanted to mix some classic stuff with a modern way of photography. I hope we had success.

Maximilian started shooting back in 2007, on a trip to South East Asia. Now he gets most of his inspiration from music, and tries his best to put the feeling he gets from it into his work.

Photography - Max Hoell
Styling & Make Up - Pamela Schneider
Model - Ann-Kathrin @ CreamModels

Check out his portfolio here.