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Photography by Mara Corsino

Originally from el Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico (or in short: Puerto Rico), Mara Corsino received an SLR camera from her mom at early age which had a profound impact on her later in life. Besides playing spy at school with her camera she also took some black and white photography classes with a well-known photo reporter in Puerto Rico. Mara loved every part of it - from snapping to printing in the dark room. Today, in May 2011, I was instantly attracted to her Oyster Mag shoot and decided to contact and interview her:

You were born in Puerto Rico and now based in Milan, was the move to Milan a purposeful decisions?
- Yes, I was born in Puerto Rico and been living in Milan for about 4 years now. I had already stayed for a while in Rome and was looking forward to a change of air. Milan seemed like a great next option as I wanted to concentrate more on photography, and fashion photography seemed like a fun way to start. For my photography the fact that Milan is one of the fashion capitals makes it easier to be in contact with the flow of talent and creativity.

The other day I was crawling the internet for you and noticed you initiated a food/fashion blog, can I conclude you enjoy cooking as well?
- Well Haute Food is a blog I’ve recently started with the help of some close colleagues as a way to vent our passion for food, fashion and photography research. It spans from vintage advertising, celebrity pictures, film, music and of course fashion. Yes! I love to cook! I’d say that I’m particularly proud of my home made egg pasta with garlic, oil and hot pepper (aglio, olio, peperoncino) - it’s like a vice.

Congratulations with your work for Oyster Mag, do you have the feeling you enjoyed enough freedom to do whatever you wanted to do in this shoot? What are you working on at the moment?
- Thanks!!! Actually, I really felt quite free with the shoot, because they were looking for the type of images that comes to me naturally. Besides other work, at the moment I’m working on some shoots for Italy and UK and some campaign images which I think should be secret. I don’t believe that much superstition but I love the suspense!

Thank you Mara and whenever I’m Milan and will drop by for your famous egg pasta.

Check out her portfolio here.