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Photography by Andrea D’Aquino

29 year old Italian photographer Andrea D’Aquino works between Barcelona, Hamburg and Stuttgart, and has been shooting professionally for about 10 years now: “- I started taking pictures when I was 16. I had this really bad camera, 30 dollars plastic shit! I had no skills and I didn’t even know how to put a film in the camera. The background for it was that I realized that my family didn’t have a collection of family pictures because my father didn’t like pictures. Isn’t that funny? I’ve always loved pictures, so I wanted to change this! I became addicted and started professional training when i was 19. My boss allowed me to use all his equipment on weekends (every type of camera, films, darkroom and so on), I learned a lot and had a great time. Today I’m 29 years old … I’m still addicted.

His work has been featured in publications such as QVEST, Vs Magazine, SCHÖN! Magazine, and Hypebeast Magazine, and when asked about what inspires him he could go on about it all day: “- Inspires me? Good question …. a lot of things! I really need to mention women. I really love to photograph different kinds of women. It’s always a great experience. To take good pictures of a model I always have to be in love with her or what I see (in theory), it can be the face, the way she moves, the attitude, the lips, eyes, everything … when I see nothing interesting i don’t take good pictures. Other things that inspires me are movies, music, pictures and and the works of other photographers. And natural light, I love how sunlight shapes everything that surrounds us … endless inspiration.

Here’s some of his work:

Check out his portfolio here.