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Dame De La Maison by Sebastian Brüll

We at Ben Trovato have presented hundreds of up and coming and unknown fashion photographers to our readers, and today we are doing it again. Introducing Sebastian Brüll, a Cologne based aspiring photographer, that has never before had his work published. Today he is making his debut on the BT stage with a fabulous exclusive titled Dame De La Maison, including Elisa from Imm Models, styled by Heike Heldsdörfer, and hair and make up done by Sandra Globke. Most of the fashion was provided by designers Antonia Goy, Natalie Richards and Ricarda Enderweit.

Sebastian says this about the story: “- I got inspired by the precious castle which made me think of a wonderful type of model and flowing, shining dresses. I wanted to put together a luxurious, exclusive scene that gives you a hint into the modern live of a noble landlady.

Based out of Cologne he started taking pictures when he bought his first DSLR, exploring landscapes through the lens. However, he decided to switch out landscapes with human subjects: “- I started to do my first steps in people photography. After a short time I began working with professional models and a team of makeup artists and stylists on a regular basis.”

Fashion magazines and blogs are the main sources of inspiration for most of his work, and he mentions the work on Patrick Demarchelier as especially inspiring, but he points out that not all inspiration comes from the work of others: “- Sometimes inspiration comes very spontaneous during a shooting when the light falls through the window and by that an interesting pattern appears on the walls.

Here’s Dame De La Maison by Sebastian Brüll, for Ben Trovato:

Photography - Sebastian Brüll (SebastianBruell.de)
Styling - Heike Heldsdörfer - (heikeheld.com)
Hair & Make up - Sandra Globke (makeup-by-sandra.de)
Model - Elisa @ Imm Models

shoes: Guess. hot pants & blouse: Natalie Richards

shoes: Guess. top: Antonia Goy. trousers: Heike Heldsdörfer. bangle: stylists own

shoes: Guess. red dress: Antonia Goy. necklace: Ricarda Enderweit

coat: Natalie Richards. shoes: Chinese Laundry. tights: H&M

necklace: Ricarda Enderweit. top: Natalie Richards. suit: Antonia Goy. shoes: Guess

shoes: Guess. red dress: Antonia Goy. necklace: Ricarda Enderweit

top: Antonia Goy. necklacke: Ricarda Enderweit

dress: Antonia Goy. bangle: stylist´s own. shoes: Guess

top: Antonia Goy

Check out his portfolio here.