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Photography by Aaron K

Aaron K’s work has been featured in numerous magazines: Bullet, Remix, Pulp, Staple, Style, Idealog, Rip It Up, Grace, Sunday, Busted, FQ Men, FHM, Back 2 Basics, Poster, Highlights, DPI, De:Bug, Q; although I just tried, there are just too many to list them all. Obviously, Aaron has been around for about 14 or 15 years – including 4 years as a student and 3 years assisting.

-My first published work was a 6 page fashion spread in a local street culture magazine back in 1998. I was still a student at Wellington Design School at the time. My first cover was for Pulp Magazine in early 2000, just after I completed my degree.

Most photographers get inspiration from music, movies or the nature around us, but Aaron’s motivation comes from a desire to either collaborate or communicate:

-So I may meet a model or stylist that I feel compelled to work with, or I often have ideas rattling around in my head that I just need to express before they drive me mental. The photographer I probably most admire is Nick Knight because he’s constantly pushing the boundaries of the medium – both technically and conceptually.

What the future holds for Aaron K is still undefined, but one thing is sure: drastic changes coming up!

-I want to get back to shooting more conceptually based work. At the moment I’m just trying to get my head around a couple of ideas I’ve been sitting on for while. I’ve also been experimenting with some new camera and lighting techniques. My work hasn’t really developed much during the last few years – at least not to my eyes anyway. Over the next 12 months I’ll be looking to completely re-build my portfolio from scratch (and hopefully have an exhibition as well).

Don’t forget to stop by at Aaron K’s website or blog!