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Leore & Martine by Emman Montalvan

From Emman's first Ben Trovato story, Park Ranger.

Do you remember the beautiful Park Ranger story Emman Montalvan made his debut with on Ben Trovato? Now his back with another story, and so is Leore Hayon, the mesmerizing girl who glazed the frames of his first story. In Leore & Martine, Leore (as the title suggests) gets accompanied by Martine Cajucom, who also styled the shoot.

Martine has that naughty, fun and quirky taste in fashion. So I showed her my moodboard and and she came up with really great ensembles. We then collaborated with Leore to model. They had the perfect contrast but in the same time really look good beside each other,” Emman says before adding: “I‘ve always enjoyed working with Martine and Leore. Both of them are crazy/beautiful and they are so easy to work with. They both did the make up and we just walked around Melrose and started shooting in random spots. Very guerilla, just how I like it.

The story revolves around Leore and Martine playing dress up and just having fun under the California summer sun. Emman says he wanted to make the most out of the amazing summer weather and also wanted to shoot something that was very “LA”.

Martine describes the wardrobe as a collection of pieces that are fun and flirty. “- We wanted to show a bit of contrast too, and still cute together,” she says.

What pieces would you highlight form the shoot? “- My favorite pieces are the American Apparel Petticoat and the Sonia Rykiel lucite heels. They are so flirty!

After a trip home to the Philippines in order to reconnect with his roots, Emman is now back in LA and is shooting more often than ever before. “-So far I’ve been doing lookbooks and model portfolios. I also just wrapped up my 2nd book for this year ( a compilation of editorials shot from april - sept 2011) .The new book should be ready for download by this week at my website. Life as a freelance artist is tricky so I am waiting to be picked up by the right creative agency.”

“Like any other artist, I am waiting for my moment to come. but for now I’m just going to continue taking photos. I love what I do.”

Photography - Emman Montalvan
Styling - Martine Cajucom
Make up - Martine Cajucom & Leore Hayon
Models - Martine Cajucom & Leore Hayon @ Photogenics LA