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Fall Into Fall by Shay Kedem

This is Shay Kedem‘s first story for us. Entitled Fall Into Fall, Shey was inspired by the coming together of several elements - empowerment, cold lighting and texture and what he describes as “femininity with grace.”

Fall Into Fall is centered around a graceful woman who is empowered by her very eclectic and colorful Fall/Winter clothing. The cold, almost sterile atmosphere seeks to emphasize the fact that the woman is seductive yet unreachable. Shay says “my model woman is insightful and sophisticated yet very simple and graceful in her appearance.”

As you can see, the figure of the model is central, particularly the figure’s movement and the angular shapes and curves she creates which lie almost flat on the page. The curves tend to create movement and depth while the shapes lie still. Shay tells us “at first you look at the overall picture; then you notice other features which tell you a bit more about the figure; the third time you look you might see the shining colors, the outfits, or maybe you will concentrate on the movement. In any case, each view creates a different sensation. I wanted to do this while keeping the structure very simple. The model “lives” in a non-defined space, so the viewer can interpret this as they wish.”

Shay told us that the story was very much his vision, and that he and Ayah Melamede Hai (stylist) brainstormed to plan the model’s poses and to decide on what he describes as “the right atmosphere.” Shay added that the team “all took part in the main high-level story-board session” before the shoot and that while

I plan each part of the story on my own, I work closely with my team and take on board their input. I must be flexible enough to reflect everyone’s ideas.”

When asked about the color palette for the shoot Shay notes… “I like contradictions…I like to play with warm colors with cool lighting and pale skin tones (and vice versa). For me it’s more challenging artistically.”

It was the first time that Shay had worked with Rijntje Van Wijk, who is a pro model and who has worked on many large projects for well-known brands. He says of working with her “I found it professionally stimulating. It was easy to get what I wanted in terms of emotion and body language. We were all happy and confident on the shoot that we were on the right track.”

When asked about other members of the team, Shay told us that Ayah is a friend whom he had known for a year and a half. Fall Into Fall is their first project together. He describes Ayah as being very focused and that “even when we don’t see eye to eye we’re always pushing each other to do better. I think she’s brilliant. Her color compositions were just superb. I love her work.”

Ruth Toledo Peled (makeup artist), Shay knew from the local industry… “She delivered exactly what I wanted.”

As with Rijntje, Shay had never worked with Dan Michaelli (hair stylist) before. Shay admitted to being apprehensive (about working with unknowns) as “I must say I’m a bit of a control freak” but that working with Dan was easy… “he was very professional and got what I was looking for very quickly.” Overall Shay added “I must say I had a great time with all the guys so much so we’re working together on another project next month.”

The brands used in the shoot were Diesel, Castro Topshop, American Apparel, Avgad, Eliz Boutique, H&M and pieces chosen from the stylist’s own collection.

Photography & Studio - Shay Kedem
Styling - Ayah Melamede Hai
Makeup Artist - Ruth Toledo Peled
Hair Design - Dan Michaelli
Model - Rijntje Van Wijk