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I Bring You Fire by Damien Elroy Vignaux

Damien's first fashion editorial for Ben Trovato, Les autres en soi.

In May Damien elroy Vignaux brought us Les Autres En Soi, an almost angelic pure fashion editorial featuring model Caroline Bruchmann. This time around they’ve explored their darker side, depicting Caroline as a devilish vixen bringing us heat. She’s dressed to perfection by Anja from ZouZouVintage, in a combination of vintage garments and custom made jewelry. “- Inspiration was Earth, Fire and Space – the wardrobe styling is a mix of vintage clothes and handmade jewelry from vintage and natural materials like leather,feather, fur, gemstones, fossils, raw wool & sequins,” Anja explains, before Damien shoots in “- We wanted to get a kind of psyche rock thing here, something strong but still sexy, retro vibe, and this precise serie was inspired by Arthur Brown’s song ‘Fire’.

Damien and Caroline has worked together on multiple projects, including the mentioned Les Autres En Soi that was shot for Ben Trovato. What is it with her that keeps you coming back for more, Damien? “Caroline is an incredible model, she’s just always good, no matter if we shoot something that powerful or a more pure or simple mood, she takes directions and makes the concept her own, it’s easy to experiment with her. But she’s better than just a safe option, she’s always adding her personality in a different way every shoot. That’s what you’re looking for as a photographer. An extra twist that brings the story beyond what you originally had in mind. I’m very proud of everyone’s work on I Bring You Fire.

Makeup was done by the experienced Anna Czilinsky, who’s an employee at Friedrichstadtpalast, a huge opera house in Berlin. “It was my first time working with her and it went real smooth, she’s very experienced and it shows,” says Damien before adding a few lines about Anja’s work “it was also my first shoot with Anja from ZouZouVintage, but I would so definitely love to work more with her, especially on video shoots because she has the craziest ideas and compositions. She’s also making a lot of jewelry stuff herself and it always looks amazing.

Damien is currently working on his own print publication entitled CINEMA: “Yes, it’s a wide format 12 pages newspaper, limited to 100 hand numbered copies. I created that to publish something like every 6 months or so around a theme, or around a special collaboration with a model, a designer or even a makeup artist. The point would be just to make enough money to finance the next one. It’s so hard nowadays to get published that I really wanted to do that for the awesome people I work with every day, models, mua… so I’ll sell it for only 10€ or 15$ and that includes the postage.

Photography - Damien elroy Vignaux
Styling - Anja at ZouZouVintage
Makeup - Anna Czilinsky
Model - Caroline Bruchmann @ Most Wanted Models / Munich
Assistant - Christina Michelitsch