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Cliff by Kyle Goldie

It’s time to think big,” says Kyle Goldie, a Seattle based photographer that after graduating business school decided to pursue a career in fashion photography. “- I need to move to a major fashion market.” he continues, before explaining: “- Currently, I am based out of Seattle, but after a few years shooting here, I am ready to enter a large market. I am currently seeking out opportunities around the globe, and In the near future I will be searching for photography agencies that are able to represent my brand and style well. I’ve had a few in the past locally, but am currently back to freelance. I am also planning to start holding exhibitions in Canada and. the United States to showcase my personal work.

And the first step on he way? A Ben Trovato exclusive story of course. In Cliff, Kyle shoots a striking Malene Søndergaard Jensen (Option Model Management) on a jaw dropping location, with the help of stylist Melissa LaChance, and with hair and make up done by Madeline Roosevelt. Kyle says this about the story: “- For this story, I didn’t want to do something that I’ve ever seen before. Usually photographers, myself included, are inspired at least a little by another body of work and take our own style approach to that editorial. Well, for this story, I simply found a beautiful, edgy editorial model and the perfect location to create a mood. After the shoot was planned out and the team was put together, we had the option of either shooting in the rain or waiting it out to shoot in the sun. I thought to myself, “What a better way to do something that is not really done…” So, I jumped at the opportunity to shoot in the rain. With the double-sided cliff location, wet and wind-blown model, and sex appealing wardrobe, I could not wait to drive the 300 miles back home to edit the story.

Kyle’s inspired by nearly everything around him, from the color of a landscape to the fabric of a garment: “- An entire story I shoot may not necessarily derive from a particular place or person, but something as simple as a mood or passing comment. It’s all about what catches my attention, even if that moment may seem mundane to the next person.

Here’s Cliff by Kyle Goldie, for Ben Trovato:

Photography - Kyle Goldie
Styling - Melissa LaChance
Hair & Make up - Madeline Roosevelt @ Q6 for MAC Cosmetics
Model - Malene Søndergaard Jensen @ Option Model Management
Retouching - Blush Retouching

Nude Bra by Sparkle & Fade. Vintage skirt is stylist’s own.

Nude Bra by Sparkle & Fade. Vintage skirt is stylist’s own.

Nude Bra by Sparkle & Fade. Vintage skirt is stylist’s own.

Black Lace top by Pencey. Black Silk Pant by Silence + Noise

Black Sheer Top by Odille.

Black Lace Bra and Lace Boyshort by Pins and Needles.

Cream Blouse by Sparkle & Fade. Lace Boyshort by Pins and Needles. Black Hat by Urban Outfitters.

Vintage brown lace top by Urban Outfitters

Check out Kyle’s portfolio here.