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Beautiful Sorrow by Roy Peri

Tel Aviv based fashion photographer Roy Peri has been shooting for about 8 years, and full time for the last two and half years. He studied photography at the Speos Photography Institute in Paris, something he says has become an endless source of inspiration for him. He even planned his first Ben Trovato story while being there: “- Basically when I was in Paris completing my photography education I was thinking about this story. Paris is an amazing, timeless city which contains everything you need for any kind of story.

He also tells us that the gallery classes at Speos Photographic Institute, where you travel around to different galleries and museums, are bound to influence you: “- When you see works of inspiring photographers from all sorts of fields, whether you want it or not
it just all gets to you.

Today Roy is making his debut on Ben Trovato with a story about a young woman in her early 20′s who’s unhappily married and considering her options.

She spends time alone to think about everything. She’s in a very melancholic mood, therefore her expression are sad and dramatic. In the end she decides to leave everything behind and set out on travels towards a new chapter in her life.

Beautiful Sorrow features the striking Christina Suzdalnickaya from Elite Models, a dear friend of Roy, but also a highly respected model in Israel: “- Christina is a super beautiful model whom I had the luck to work with! I couldn’t have asked for anyone better for this shoot, she is super professional, a super hard worker and a dear friend of mine. She is really sweet and fun to work with. I’m very happy to have had the chance to work with her as she’s one of the busiest models here in Israel.

Christina and Roy were joined by fashion stylist Madonna Shemesh, makeup artist Diti Messer, hair dresser Yonathan Yaish, and assistant Tom Dror. Roy says this about his team: “- I had never worked with this team before, and originally the team was supposed to be different, but we had to switch dates. The only original one’s were Madonna (who made this whole thing happen) and Christina, and I was afraid everything would collapse. But I was worrying for no reason because the team was packed with professional individuals, I suppose superlatives will do less effects than the work they’ve done, so just look at it! I just want to thank each one of them, Madonna, Diti, Yonathan, Tom and last but not least the amazing Christina for making a hard day fun and memorable!

Roy’s plans for the future is to keep on progression and shooting editorials and campaigns. “And hopefully find a photo rep that will open doors for me abroad, NYC, Paris and London are my main goals. I love traveling, I love getting involved with different cultures and learn new things about this world.

Photography by Roy Peri
Styling by Madonna Shemesh
Makeup by Diti Messer
Hair by Yonathan Yaish
Photographer Assistant: Tom Dror
Model: Christina Suzdalnickaya for Elite Model Management Israel

All the clothes are from vintage stores in Tel-Aviv
Salon Berlin - Israel Najar 15, Yemenite, Tel-Aviv
A soldier’s wife – Simta Almonit 1, Tel-Aviv Sheinkin Qtr 
Underground – Simta Almonit 5, Tel-Aviv Sheinkin Qtr

Special thanks to:
Greg Café
House Designing and furniture – Kastiel