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Behind the Night’s Curtain by Cecilia Austin

Cecilia Austin‘s second story for Ben Trovato is an instant classic. Behind the Night’s Curtain is a dark, delicate yet sensual male story with a sorrowful feel to it. The concept is the work of fashion stylist Minami Takashima, who actually approached Cecilia in order to get her idea realized.

From Cecilia's previous Ben Trovato story, Sports Chic.

It was irresistible to me,” says Cecilia. “I love images that can evoke a deep emotional dive as though one evaporates into the story and emerges from it with a sense of renewed appreciation of one’s presence. I’m not saying this is something that will change the world, but if it changes something in someone then that’s one step further into one’s awakening. To me, this was the promise that the project held.

For Minami it was important to do a men’s fashion story that really expressed who she is as a stylist: “- My style is dark, minimalistic and quietly provocative. I also like to incorporate mystery and sensuality into my work to create a strong emotional pull. This project is intended to communicate all that, plus I wanted to express deep sorrow, which I find quite beautiful.

Her primary focus when styling the shoot was to keep it very clean and simple: “- I decided to work with a limited color palette, only black and white and be creative with other elements such as textures, silhouettes, etc. I also used some accessories to enhance femininity, which played a huge role in this project. I wanted each look to be imaginative on its own right, and I think I was able to achieve that.

This is the second project Minami and Cecilia have worked on together, but it might be a long time until they get to work together again, as Minami is relocating to New York this month. Cecilia has nothing but great things to say about Minami and their collaboration: “- I am just in awe of her talent!

Model was Vincent Beard @ Ford, with hair done by Max Sawicky, and makeup by Gill Cortez. “I love how the story came together and how all the elements we hoped to achieve came to fruition,” Cecilia says, and adds “Vincent is a wonderful model I’ve worked with a few times recently, and I knew instantly that he was the perfect choice for the story’s character: he is armed with delicate looks and a wide palette of emotional notes that he’s shown to hit perfectly.

There was such a harmonious nature that existed in this shoot from the location to the clothes to the whole team. Max and Gill completed the sense of serendipity of the project with their understanding of what was needed and with their obvious talent and skills.

Photography by Cecilia Austin
Styling by Minami Takashima
Hair by Max Sawicky
Makeup by Gill Cortez
Model - Vincent Beard @ Ford Models
Special thanks to Jason Bryan of Fivepoints Arthouse Gallery