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374 Richmond Road by Guillaume Lechat

Guillaume Lechat is back in Paris after being based out of Sydney for a while, but before he left he shot his first exclusive for Ben Trovato, the fabulous 374 Richmond Road. The story features Eliza Humble (Viviens), is styled by Petta Chua, and the hair and make up was done by Peter Beard. Wardrobe was provided by Galliano, Nicola Finetti, Lulu Rouge, American Apparel, Therese Rawsthorne and Pierre Winter Fine Jewels, among others.

He had his first BTB feature back in August, when he gave me one of the most interesting answer I’ve ever gotten when asking a photographer about its inspirations: “- Well.. I will say dogs running on the beach. No. I don’t know. It’s just a feeling I think.. I like simple things (I’m a simple guy), no artifice, no pretend. I let things come naturally to me. I never try to force myself, I think If you force yourself, you are not as inspired as if something comes naturally. There is no name for the best inspiration, it’s something you just feel. Also dogs running on the beach (naked dogs, no jackets…) and Justin Bieber because he has shiny hair.

He started working as a photographer the year he turned 20, and the 27-year-old hasn’t looked back since. And now, we present his first Ben Trovato exclusive, 374 Richmond Road:

Photographe r- Guillaume Lechat (www.guillaumelechat.com)
Stylist - Petta Chua (www.petta.com.au)
Make up & - Peter Beard
Model - Eliza Humble @ viviens

Check out his portfolio here, and his facebook page here.