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Utopian Traveler

byDimitar Krkalievtext byMarius Troy

When Dimitar Krkaliev made his debut on Ben Trovato back in 2011, he had just started out shooting fashion, and since then he has had a constant stream of commercial work coming in. “Ben Trovato, I can say is the biggest push my career has had so far,” Krkaliev tells us.

Now he’s back with yet another wonderful story for us, this time featuring the beautiful Samie Robinson in gorgeous vintage styling. We asked Krkaliev a few questions about Utopian Traveller:

Tell us what Utopian Traveller is about?
The story is about a traveler making her way around a dry forest which rarely has any sight of beauty. Her presence in this wilderness brings a state of which everything is perfect… a sense of utopia.

What were your main sources of inspiration when planning the story?
My main source of inspiration was the big swan sculpture that can be seen in the story. I drive past it nearly every day on my way home and for a couple of years now I have had a constant urge to photograph a fashion story around it however due to my schedule with commercial work I never really had the chance until now.

Samie looks almost like an angel in this story, how was she to work with?
Samie was great to work with. I know her personally through a circle of friends and it was one of the easiest photo shoots I have worked on.

How about the rest of the team, have you worked together before?
I have worked with Kathryn Edmonds since the start of my career, her direction and styling plays a huge part in the finished product. Sally Russell Smith and I have worked together previously on several occasions and I know she is always so consistent and professional with her trade.