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byCalopetext byMarius Troy

After having been one of our regular contributors for a couple of years now, Calope has shown tremendous growth artistically, and we at Ben Trovato light up every time we do another shoot with the Toronto based artist. Today we’re releasing his beautiful series of portraits of Kait @ Next Models.Heres what he says about his latest contribution to Ben Trovato:

We love the purity of this series, explain to us what it is to you?
This series is a way for me for channel my inner hopeless romantic-ness into portraits. I really am just a hopeless romantic deep down. Portraits are something very personal to me. Whenever I shoot portraits, I want “me” to resonate in final images.

All I really want to do is create images that viewers will remember; images that will make viewers say “this is beautiful.” I want my viewers to fall in love.

What inspires you the most when shooting a series like this?
My main inspiration, for these kind of series, is the model that I’m photographing. When I see their digitals at the agency, I just know that I want to take their portrait. I just know that the model can help me create an image that is memorable, a photograph that everyone can fall in love with.

And speaking of the model, how was Kait to shoot?
Kait and I first met (briefly) at her agency. I was just visiting and she just happened to be there. We did our first portrait shoot way back in march 2012. something very funny and memorable actually happened that day! We couldn’t get into the studio because we got locked out, which paved the way for us to become friends. Kait was awesome the first time I photographed her. For this series, it was our second time to do a shoot together and it just flowed. We trusted each other and we just worked off each other’s energy. she just knew how to work in front of my camera based on the things that I look for. The connection and rapport was built during the first time we worked together and it just got better.