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Villan by Anna Dobos

A first timer on Ben Trovato, twenty year old Los Angeles-based photographer Anna Dobos makes her debut with a mysterious fashion editorial featuring Juliano Villan, fittingly entitled Villan. Join us as she shares her insights, experiences and accomplishments as a photographer, and gives us the inside scoop on this exclusive fashion story.

“This was my first time really working with both a male model and a stylist, so we brainstormed a lot on how to approach it. Scott, the stylist and I have worked together a lot but we both typically work with girls. We wanted the shoot to be interesting and different, so decided to make use of flowers, monotone colors and full gowns, as kind of a contrast to our subject matter. Scott’s a genius and pulled it together well. It ended up being shot in my apartment lobby and on the streets of various beautiful little houses in Hollywood Hills. In fact, the red look was shot on the steps of my early childhood house, which I decided to drive us to because we’d run out of location ideas and I think it fits perfectly.”

Straying away from her comfort zone Anna also shared, “[It’s] Probably always a good idea to go outside your comfort zone for what you shoot and how you shoot it and who you choose to work with, because I think that’s what keeps us, as artists, growing. And that you should always try and approach your subject with creativity and adventure.”

We also got a chance to speak with Anna’s stylist Scott Park, “There wasn’t a specific reference I had in mind but the idea of playing with gender, minimalism, and color was the starting point.

“Also I was interested in mixing hard like textures such as the studded collars with delicate elements. Some of the products I used was a mixture of full skirts, pantyhose, sequin  socks, studs, and artificial flowers. And I made some collars using nails, buttons, and bits of studs which I thought mixed together cohesively with the other garments that had interesting collared details. Also I painted the flowers with oil paints and a bit of acrylic to give it a different tone and feel to the mood of the story.”

This do-it-yourself duo proves that with an imagination, eye for detail and the drive, anything, at least in terms of photography, is possible. And with this positive thought in mind, Anna shared some closing thoughts on what she considers to be her greatest accomplishments thus far, “Basically just being 20, completely self sufficient and still doing what I love. It took me a year to achieve this and I know not many people get to do that, and whatever unfortunate thing happens to befall me on the way, I remind myself of that fact and how lucky I am.”

Juliano is wearing vintage pieces throughout the story, with an exception of the black Comme Des Garcons coat with the clear plastic collar.

Photography - Anna Dobos
Styling - Scott Park
Model - Juliano Villan