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Photography by Katarina Sokolova

Katarina Sokolova is best known as an digital artist and painter, with an exceptional control over color and composition. Past few years the Kiev and London based artist’s focus has shifted to fashion photography: “- I focus more on fashion photography now, where the model is always the most important. It’s different, but it’s cool. I find inspiration in the mysterious works of Paolo Roversi, David Bellemere and Tim Walker, and at the same time in the defiant sexual works of Ellen von Unwerth and Mario Sorrenti. I see a future in fashion photography, and for me it is a reflexive game, which is my field of creative endeavor at this time.

Playing in the fairy tales and designing the structures of everyday life, I reveal something hidden that sleeps inside every woman - her erotic alter-egos, unbridled passion on the brink of insanity and obscenity. But at the same time - the readiness to leave immediately and come back in to the shell of chastity and domestic subordination.

In April 2008 Norma Editorial of Barcelona published a compilation of her Art Photos and Digital Art called INSOMNIA, the book is currently being sold in Europe, and at the moment she’s finishing up her second book, where she focuses on photography.

Here’s some of her work:

Check out her portfolio here.