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Photography by Jessica Milan

Jessica Milan has always love taking photos just for fun, but decided to start take it more seriously a bit over a year ago when she started working as a model scout for a Toronto based agent, and was constantly in need of shots to get them placed. “- I just kept buying more and more equipment until finally I had a studio and was actually doing real shoots.

She spends most of her days in either Berlin or Toronto, where she’s currently putting together shoots for some upcoming editorials, and working on a book. Her work has been featured in a few online publications, such as Plaid Mag and Regia Mag, and her work is popping up on fashion blogs all over now.

She says she’s inspired by beauty, and elaborates: “- I love shooting beautiful girls who are totally at ease with themselves and bring out their personality in front of the camera. There are also a lot of female photographers who really inspire me right now, Camilla Åkrans, Lina Scheynius, Kate Bellm and Paola Kudacki.

Here’s some of her work:

Check out the rest of her work here.