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Lost In The Analog by Conan Thai

Another day, another amazing debutant. Although Conan Thai’s name has appeared in a Ben Trovato Exclusive before (assisted for Grant Yoshino on the BT Exclusive Avenue Of The Beloved), this is his first time being published. Lost In The Analog features the beautiful Lauren Taylor with Ford LA, she’s styled by Marci Michalovitz and Alysha Kelley, the make up was done by Brie Leach, and the hair by Chloe Doan. Conan say this about the story: “- The story was inspired by my old college, University of California, Irvine (UCI). The school was built in the ’50/60s and the architectural choices leaned towards this post-modern retro-futuristic, brutalist direction. After seeing the buildings almost every day for four years, I forgot how impressive they were. On a recent visit, I rediscovered how beautiful the architecture was when light fell on it at certain times of the day.

Conan started shooting at the age of 11 when he got his first camera as a birthday gift from his dad, but didn’t decide to go professionally until last year: “- I was a casual photographer since then until a string of events in the summer of 2010 fueled my fervor to pursue it professionally.” He claims that a lot of his inspiration comes from children’s books, and explains: “- My parents would never let me out of the house when I was younger so I spent most of my childhood immersed in stories of ghosts, pirates, adventurers, talking animals, and magical furniture. Nowadays, the naivete of previous dreams have more or less been distilled into subtler things in life. Photography is now my way of catching the beauty in unexpected, overlooked moments.

We are very excited to introduce to you yet another great talent in the fashion photography world. Enjoy Lost In The Analog by Conan Thai, for Ben Trovato:

Photographer/Retoucher - Conan Thai
Styling - Marci Michalovitz, Alysha Kelley
Make up - Brie Leach
Hair - Chloe Doan
Assistant Photographer - Varin Tsai
Model - Lauren Taylor @ Ford LA

Check out his portfolio here.