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Jingle Bells by Shane Woodward

Christmas is finally here, and this year we are giving our readers a couple of great presents. Not only are we handing out an amazing large signed Guillaume Lechat print on our tumblr, but we have a special Christmas dedicated fashion story just for you, shot by the brilliant Shane Woodward in Paris.

The beautiful Joy Vignes from WM Models in Paris stars in Shane’s debut editorial for Ben Trovato, wearing her own clothes for the occasion.

The day before our shoot I saw a short film in the christmas spirit and then pretty much shifted my story from an “I love new york” theme to one that matched the holiday season. Anyways, it was short planning so we did what we could to make something colorful and somewhat interesting here in my apartment,” Shane says before explaining that the team had a lot of fun on the set “Ah, the team, the team was great. They were all smiles, chuckles and beer drinkers. It was the first time we worked together. I was the only one that seemed to get a bit stressed that day because of the tiny place we were shooting at, and my 3 foot christmas tree seemed to take up half my apartment. And we didn’t even end up shooting the damn thing. Was a bit of circus here, but guess we pulled most of it off.

Since last time Shane was featured on Ben Trovato he has been focusing for the most part on his acting, and explains it was good to get a shoot in before the new year. Although photography hasn’t been his main focus this year, he mentions his photo exhibition in Paris back in June as one the highlights of his year.

Jingle Bells was shot with the notorious Canon EOS 5D Mark II.

Merry Christmas to all of you.

Photography by Shane Woodward
Makeup by Ai Cho
Hair by Shuko Sumida
Model - Joy Vignes @ WM Models Paris