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Fiori Bellissimi by Ted Emmons

Southern California native Ted Emmons has been artistic as long as he can remember, and grew up painting and drawing before getting into graphic design in college, which then branched off into photography. He started off shooting landscapes and friends that would model for him, and before he knew it fashion photography had turned into a huge passion and another way for him to express himself through his artwork.

His progress and talent consequently landed him today’s feature on Ben Trovato with the exclusive story entitled Fiori Bellissimi, featuring Lindsey Byard with Next LA.

Fiori Bellissimi translates to beautiful flowers, which indirectly inspired Ted when shooting the story: “- Yes, spring was the ultimate inspiration. I wanted to incorporate as much color as possible.

He explains he “[..] wanted to show a young woman hiding behind a bright and colorful environment. It was such a beautiful day that we had to take advantage of shooting on location.

Model Lindsey Byard played the part to perfection, and Ted has nothing but good things to say about the young beauty’s performance: “- Lindsey was amazing to work with. She had the energy and personality every photographer looks for in a model.”

The rest of the team consisted of Brittany Meredith who did the hair and makeup, and stylist Amanda Carter, both friends of Ted: “- Yes, I love working with them since we all are really good friends.”

“With good friends, comes good vibes and never any stress. That’s how magic is made.”

Stylist Amanda Carter said that “[..] styling this shoot was a dream! Being able to use a wide range of color made the shoot very inspiring. It is incredible what you can do with an amazing team and no boundaries!

Photography by Ted Emmons
Styling by Amanda Carter
Makeup & Hair by Brittany Meredith
Model - Lindsey Byard @ Next Models