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Deserted Beauty by Maximilian Rivera

On his first trip to Southern California Maximilian Rivera couldn’t wait to get started on one of his many planned projects taking advantage of what the golden state has to offer: “Since this was my first trip to SoCal I wanted to go for a west coast/deserted desert feel. For this shoot I tried a new approach which I thought of the whole way racing from LAX two hours to the location trying to get there before sunset.

His main inspiration for the shoot was a collection of scorching sun pictorials published in V mag a while back, and of course the wonderful Codi Babcock, who’s making her third appearance on Ben Trovato today. “Codi is everything an up & coming photographer would want in front of his/her camera she has been doing tons of amazing jobs in the west.

She has this emotion she channels that is remarkable once you noticed you captured her pure rawness.

Being his first trip to Southern California, the whole team was put together through social media. Nevertheless, Maximilian couldn’t have been happier with his team. “It was an amazing turnout from only social networking. First of I have to say Tami is a talented person that I wish I can fit in my backpack for when I travel around shooting. Jen Summers was always ready on set for the next look and did amazing on pulling wardrobe & last but not least we had Matthew Hendrix he was the Indiana Jones on set with the horse very chilled guy.

Stylist Jen Summers says she was inspired by the American Southwest and the horses on the ranch while picking Codi’s outfits. “I pulled hand made pieces from my own line Muheeka and from Free Agency Showroom, which is “The Only American-Made Wholesale Showroom Located in the Los Angeles Fashion District.” The other lines included Heyoka Leather, Idylwild, Bandit Brand, and Rosewater.

Photography by Maximilian Rivera | @Millzstudios on Instagram
Modelling by Codi Babcock @ M Model Management | @Codi622 on Instagram
Styling by Jen Summers | @Muheeka on Instagram
Hair & Makeup by Tami Shirey