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Dancing Sunlight by Erika Astrid

Even though this is her debut on Ben Trovato as a photographer, Erika Astrid has actually been heavily involved in a couple of our stories before, then as the stylist and designer of Oliver Meyer’s two wonderful Ben Trovato editorials (1, 2).

This time she picked up the camera herself, shooting her own clothes worn by fashion model Kelsie Fields. “Being a fashion designer for Asuyeta, it goes hand in hand - I know exactly what I want my clothes to looks like, what emotions I want to trigger,” she explains. It was when Erika moved bad to the states earlier this year that she couldn’t find a good photographer to help her shoot her collections, so she decided to give it a go on her own, shooting her way up slowly. “I’ve been addicted ever since! I just love capturing the beauty and soul of everything. Now I am more inspired than ever with my clothing line, I usually make new pieces for every shoot, it’s just been a super fun ride so far and I am so excited to see where it takes me next!

Dancing Sunlight is a story about a laid back girl who likes to have fun and just lives in the moment. “I wanted to create that relaxed but fun summer feeling. I love summer time, you get to hang out outside all day and not worry about anything – just catching sun rays and dancing to the heat waves,” she says.

Only Erika and Kelsie was present at the shoot, and Erika couldn’t have been happier with her teammate: “- I loved working with Kelsie, she was very professional and knows her angles and how to move, which is so important. We had a super fun time!

Photography by Erika Astrid Photography
Modelling by Kelsie Fields
Fashion by Asuyeta
Sunglasses by Proof