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Such A Waste of Lives by Gonzalo Alipaz

Director Gonzalo Alipaz’s fashion film Such A Waste of Lives is an improvised narrative of a youthful couple all dressed up with nowhere to go. “The only fixed topic so far was vanity itself”, he says. However, after the film started to come together, the story unfolded and became much more than that.

The story behind the film seems to be a play on modern social norms, and how people become contrived and restricted because of unrealistic standards and things that aren’t tangible. “A lot of people think they have like nine lives, so they waste it saving money or keeping things going to achieve certainties that aren’t even real. They do nothing, they just study, grow old, they sit and wait for things to happen to them and they set their goals according to certain standards and social conventions. In the end, they end up six feet under with an insignificant life story and without having brought something valuable to share with the world”, explains Alipaz. “I believe that, in this case, vanity can help someone to get out of this routinary and oppressive hole and bring hope to her. It can help the character trust their capability to make things better, to change what’s meant to be changed, and get some recognition for it”.

The lustful yet dysfunctional couple, starring Agustina and Juan Cruz of Muse Management, are in separate rooms almost the whole time. Juan is consumed by vanity as Agustina seems to yearn for escape and self-expression. Both have an edgy rock ‘n’ roll style that is also an evident theme in Such A Waste of Lives. Stylist Ton Aguilar used sexy one pieces with fun prints and fitted blazers with leather panels, describing the wardrobe as “perfect for the playful blend of sweet girl with a seductive feline attitude and her boyfriend who was too vain to be seduced”.

Also backing this theme is the soundtrack by Blank Tiger(a.k.a. Benito Cerati), combining droned out reverb with a funky bassline and a steady beat. Benito is the son of Latin American rock icon Gustavo Cerati, whom Ton and Gustavo share a mutual appreciation for. Music is an important influence on Gonzalo’s work: “I always put some records on when shooting or filming. Music sends very quickly that message, that feeling you want to build, and it is also the best way to connect with the models”.

Gonzalo Alipaz got into fashion photography when he started shooting in 2009, but defines his work as portrait. He is currently a student of Image and Sound Design at University of Buenos Aires.

Director: Gonzalo Alipaz
Music: Blank Tiger (a.k.a Benito Cerati)
Production: Ton Aguilar & Gonzalo Alipaz
Art Direction & Style: Ton Aguilar & Dam Stamateas
Disfunctional couple: Agustina Montiel & Juan Cruz Coronel @ Muse Management
Camera: Jayson Ramírez & Gonzalo Alipaz
Make up & Hair: Jezz Hill
Wardrobe by: Sr. Icecream, Daniela Lozina, Miuki Madelaire, +Negro, & Pablo Bernard
Special thanks to: Leticia Danni, Norman Parunov, Aranzazú Dobanton