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Photography by Sofia Ajram

Montreal based graphic design student Sofia Ajram expresses her dreams, thoughts and fascinations through photography. When I ask her about her inspirations, she explains: “A great deal of things inspire my work. History, for the most part, sums it up rather well. What has happened, within and without, universally, and what has yet to happen but will be documented by time. That being said, I have never experienced this history firsthand, so the visual aesthetic of my work is due to my lucid dreams and vivid nightmares. I feel as though I need to document them in some way that others may experience what I have seen. [....]That aside, women influence my photos. Women are sexy. Women are seductive, powerful from the core in a wild way that’s virtually inexplicable. I like to document that sexuality.”

She has been shooting ever since she was hired by Truth Explosion Magazine in 2007 as a concert photographer. Her work has been featured in publications such as EnRoute Magazine, Poetic Terrorism, Carpaccio Magazine, C-O-M-A Magazine, Vellum Online, Mossless Magazine, and Antler Magazine, but most of her work is personal work not commissioned at all.

At the moment Sofia’s finishing up her final semester in Graphic Design at Dawson College in Montreal, and going to professionally be in the field in less than a month. Lets hope she doesn’t forget about photography, because her work/art is amazing.

Here’s some of it:

Check out the rest of her work here.