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Photography by Ninelle Efremova

It’s been over a year since I last featured Ninelle Efremova on BTB, then without really providing any background on the Los Angeles based artist. Since Ninelle doesn’t really have an habit of giving interviews, this must be described as a little BTB exclusive.

She is inspired by people, their experiences and their life story. Although that may be her greatest source of inspiration, she still finds inspiration the works of other artists: “- Good books that bring out personal development in their characters are always a love of mine. I love Kundera & Kafka, I love Ayn Rand. As far as artists, Picasso (his blue & his rose period work), and Monet inspired me to start painting at an early age. Paolo Roversi’s photography is a dream, I will always consider him the great photographer of our time, since his photographs look like paintings. His connection with his subjects is superior and honest.

Ninelle Efremova, originally from Minsk, Belarus, began her photography study through photographing details and models for her painting work. Photography quickly became a full time obsession. With strong connection to the music scene, Ninelle worked as a prominent music photographer for five years, and within the past two years shifted her focus to the world of fashion and design. Ninelle’s work has now been published world wide: “- I am grateful to the art directors that have favored my style and work. If people happen to see it and write me surprised, that’s a treat. Publishing is the outlet, but work is the focus, and future is what I’m striving for.

And she is keeping busy: “- At the moment, I am actually working on a lot of fine art prints and putting together a new collection of work. I am working on fine art prints that will be placed in a penthouse of a 5 star hotel in Las Vegas that is opening this October. I am also starting to plan for shoots for a gallery show in Los Angeles and New York. I plan to return to my roots of painting and fine art, and I’m making a few small steps towards that. Editorial projects I’m reserving to the times that I travel to London, because the artists I’ve worked with in Europe truly inspire me to further myself and the quality of my work. Since I’m from Europe, I think as artists we connect with each other better there.”

Here’s some of her work:

Check out the rest of her work here.