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Photography by Cécile Bortoletti

Paris based Cécile Bortoletti has a love for experimenting with all sorts of techniques, using several different cameras and films, and even mixing analog and digital. She has been working professionally as a fashion photographer for about 10 years, and her work has been published in magazines such as Elle, Dazed & Confused, Self Service, Purple, Jalouse, Above, Crash, Studio Voice, and Nikkei among others.

At the moment Cécile is working on a new story with stylist Claire Sibille and Romanian-Canadian model Irina Lazareanu, for Please Magazine: “Irina is one of my favorite models, we share the same vision, which happens to be very important to me.

Here’s some of her work, including a preview of her latest story “Jeunes Filles” for Sleek Magazine:

Check out the rest of her work here.