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When The Curtain Falls

byTobias Wirthtext byMarius Troy

Tobias Wirth started assisting different fashion photographers while studying photography in Berlin, and quickly fell for it, feeling it was the perfect genre to tell stories and express himself and his own ideas. Today Wirth spends his days sooting for publications worldwide, and today we’re finally unveiling his first story for Ben Trovato, When The Curtain Falls, featuring Michaela Schnabel with Major Models.

What is When The Curtain Falls to you?
Well, the story is inspired by the atmosphere and expression of old fairy tales. We decided to use white as the main topic of the styling because it visualizes the innocence characters have in fairytales very well. With the mix of Studio and on-location shots I tried to do a interesting break, to give the story that special touch.

Michaela fits right in to your fairytale as that mysterious beautiful main character with the rough nature as a backdrop, how was she to work with?
Michaela did a great job! She understood very well what I wanted to show with this concept and worked very professionally.

Stylist Julia Quante and hairstylist and makeup artist Ines Schult joined your team, in addition to assistant Aaron Schmiedel, how was your chemistry on set?
I’ve worked with Ines Schut a couple of times before, she is also very professional. I was the first time I worked with Julia Quante, she did a great job and has a good eye. All of us spoke the same visual language, so it was a great production!

Stylist Julia Quante, please tell us about your choices for When The Curtain Falls.
I loved Tobias’ idea of combining nature with a very straight and cold white styling. It is a contradiction. So I chose looks which are very flashy and unusual for the location. I love a special styling like this and Michaela acts like an ice princess in a strange world - perfect for this editorial.