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I really just wanted to vent about my own frustrations with modern dating, where it seems to be this cycle of lust and hate. You meet someone, they seem like everything, but betrayal and resentment and anger are always close on the heels. You try to power through, you try to get away and bring back the old spark, but the resentment always comes back. You let lust overtake it, and find that it fades just as fast. I was hoping to show that in a cyclical way, that at any point in the cycle, we’re right back at a point we’ve already been to.

As far as the aesthetic, that’s simply because I’ve always been a huge fan of 70’s and 80’s horror flicks, and I wanted to pull from that as much as possible.

Photographer - Steven Stone (Instagram)
Her - Hannah Mariah Yandow (Instagram)
Him - Jim Derrick (Instagram)

Stylist - Abbey Tate (Instagram)
Hair/Makeup - Cami Talbot (Instagram)
Assistants - Jeff Welch, Christian Claflin
Producer - Mike McCaleb

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